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Order Premium eCigarettesDisposables 6-Pack
The Disposable Electronic cigarette
Right out of the box, our Green Smoke® Vapors™ come pre-charged and ready to use. You won’t have to wait a second longer to start enjoying its rich flavor and high smoke volume. This disposable electronic cigarette provides the easiest way to enjoy a Green Smoke® electronic cigarette. Each Green Smoke® Vapors™ has the vapor volume of up to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes. This 6-pack makes it easy for you and your friends to enjoy the smooth, rich smoking sensation of Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes.

More smoke. More Puffs. No mess. Only 2 components. Purchase for $59.99 here.


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Designer Batteries

8 Designs. Endless Choices.
Green Smoke has done it again! Their new designer batteries have set the bar for style and fashion in ways no other electronic cigarette company could imagine! 7 of these designs perfectly match the colors on all of Green Smoke’s cartomizers, and a special green battery lets you show exactly which e-cig company is king. And with their painted and glazed finish, these batteries are an absolute treat to hold in your hand and show off to your friends. Get yours today!

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Order Premium eCigarettesPromo Kit

Everything you need to demonstrate Green Smoke® Products. With plenty of batteries and Flavor Max cartomizers you will always be charged and ready to go. Once people try electronic cigarettes they are very pleased with the similar smoking experience to traditional cigarettes without the ash, odor, or mess. The Kit contains: 5 batteries, 4 USB chargers, 5 packs of Flavor Max cartomizers, 1 USB hub with 4 ports, 2 home adapters, 1 USB cigarette, 1 car adapter, and 100 rubber tips. $500 Value for $399 and $150 discount when you use a Promoter Referral Code.

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Order Premium eCigarettesThe Pro Kit – The All-in-One Electronic Smoking Package
Your smoking experience is about to receive a big upgrade. Pick the Green Smoke® Pro Kit so that you can start enjoying Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes with everything you need from day one. You’ll get two long lasting, durable batteries, your choice of 10 of our FlavorMax™ Cartomizers and a USB cigarette. This Kit also features 2 high-end adapters that can be used to charge virtually any USB powered device – including the USB cigarette. The Green Smoke® Pro Kit is your complete package to enjoy Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes. On sale here.


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USB Electronic Cigarette

This USB Electronic Cigarette is a great way to ensure that you always have the power you need to enjoy your electronic cigarette.

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South Beach Smoke

SouthBeachSmoke: Looks & Feels Like a Real Cigarette - But It's Not!


METRO Electronic Cigarette Midnight Battery

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